Berry G'oood

Strain Effects

Lineage: ‘Ma – Jah Goo x ‘Pa – Berry White

  • Ancestral Roots: 50% SATIVA
  • Ancestral Roots: 50% INDICA
  • Approximate Flowering Time: 6-7 WEEKS
  • Approximate Yield: MODERATE YIELD
Berry G'oood

Berry G’oood

  • Nose: Fresh picked berries in a pine forest highlighted with essence of night blooming jasmine and tangy trainwreck. Deep and spicy, yet fresh and flowery.
  • Appearance: Exceptionally exotic, ranging in colors from deep purple indigo to magenta lavender intensified by a coat of white frost.
  • Effects/Influence: She delivers an energized positive buzz, allowing for focus and concentration. Her euphoric and upbeat energy encourages social interaction and creative exploration.
  • Growing Style: Short, squat, bushy plant with medium sized clusters of nice looking buds. Easy to grow and full of oily crystals, she finishes in late September. Extreme resin producer, ideal for hash and concentrates.

high-country-tipsThis girl enjoys the company of her sisters – she is a great choice to stack in the greenhouse and for light dep without shading each other out, so pack ‘em in there! Tips: Pucker up, because she’s lip smackin’ gooooood!