Boss Hog

Strain Effects

Lineage: ‘Ma – Kosher Kush ‘Pa – LA OG

  • Ancestral Roots: 15% SATIVA
  • Ancestral Roots: 85% INDICA
  • Approximate Flowering Time: 9 WEEKS
  • Approximate Yield: HIGH YIELD
Boss Hog

Boss Hog

  • Nose: The Boss Hog is a force to be wreckoned with. Her strong pungent odor hits you with the explosive bite of gassy fuel and fresh cuts greens, and is finished off with a smooth earthy freshness and a hint of honeysuckle sweetness.
  • Appearance: The Boss Hog is a big girl, especially for having roots in the OG family. A gem in the garden, this girl is a classic beauty, characterized by big, bright green buds studded with orange hairs.
  • Effects/Influence: ith powerhouse parents in the OG Kush family, she provides a profound penetrating high. She is a full force heavy hitter, delivering all the medicinal benefits that a good indica has to offer.
  • Growing Style: This strain is amazing in so many ways. She has great structure, and unlike many other OGs, she gets really big with strong robust flowers, not gangly and spindly like other OGs.

high-country-tipsPlant as many of this variety as possible – it is one of the easiest to grow OGs. It will Tips: not disappoint! Get ready to git ‘er done. This beast goes Hog Wild