Pineapple Preserves

Strain Effects

Lineage: ‘Ma – Northern Lights Afghani x ‘Pa – Humboldt Pineapple

  • Ancestral Roots: 50% SATIVA
  • Ancestral Roots: 50% INDICA
  • Approximate Flowering Time: 9 WEEKS
  • Approximate Yield: HIGH YIELD
Pineapple Preserves

Pineapple Preserves

  • Nose: A particularly pronounced aroma of over ripe fruit,with atropical heady smell and flavor. Hints of pungent passion fruit and pineapple linger on the palette, while traces of earthy hashish suggest a deeper layer.
  • Appearance: Huge, consistently bulbous frosty spears. Thick bright green nugs are accented with fiery amber and orange cream hairs, dusted with glittering crystals.
  • Effects/Influence: Like the Candy Apple, the Pineapple Preserves arouses the playful side of the imagination, and awakens the mind’s eye.
  • Growing Style: This plant boasts aggressive rapid growth. She is a Christmas tree shaped bush that towers over the garden brimming with immense buds. She is all flower with very low leaf content, making her a trimmer’s wet dream!


The terpy oil of this strain is ideal for all types of concentrates and extracts. Saddle Tips: up! This girl will take you on a wild ride!