Strain Effects

Lineage: ‘Ma – UK Cheese x ‘Pa – LA OG

  • Ancestral Roots: 25% SATIVA
  • Ancestral Roots: 75% INDICA
  • Approximate Flowering Time: 8 WEEKS
  • Approximate Yield: HIGH YIELD


  • Nose: Pungent, dank, skunky and funky! This winner delivers a heady potent whiff of sweet and musty aged cheese balanced with earthy ocean grown undertones.
  • Appearance: Bulky resinous buds dripping with oil – a great contender for extracts and concentrates! Dense intensely green nuggets shine with a sugary coating.
  • Effects/Influence: Very medicinal therapeutic properties deliver a powerful punch and strong body high. Testing high in both THC and CBD content, the O-Cheese induces restful sleep and provokes colorful dreams.
  • Growing Style: Grows into a large round bush with deep, dark, verdant foliage. This full-bodied rotund lady has a high calyx to leaf ratio and she’s a heavy yielder.

high-country-tipsThis plant has a vey strong pungent odor – expect your immediate vicinity to reek of skunky road kill, so plan the garden location accordingly. Pull up your boots and get ready to play with fire!