Candy Apple

Strain Effects

Lineage: ‘Ma – Blue Dream x ‘Pa – Old School Southern Humboldt Pineapple

  • Ancestral Roots: 75% SATIVA
  • Ancestral Roots: 25% INDICA
  • Approximate Flowering Time: 10 WEEKS
  • Approximate Yield: EXTREMELY HIGH YIELD
Candy Apple

Candy Apple

  • Fruity sweet aroma, with intense fruit notes– a powerful blast of over ripe pineapple complimented by undertones of new apple blossoms and floral freshness.
  • Appearance: Large bright green buds enhanced by hues of frosted periwinkle and aqua.
  • Effects/Influence: Uplifting cerebral high, inspires creativity, stimulates productivity and motivation, and sparks the imagination.
  • Growing Style: Very aggressive and vigorous growth, produces hearty spear-like Christmas tree shaped buds, very resistant to mold, mildew, and environmental fluctuation.

high-country-tipsPlan on a long growing season. Be aware of local frost dates and expect this plant to go almost until November. Crack out that whip, cuz this big mama is a wild one!